Ring "Snail"

18K white gold
480Diamonds 2,13 ct
269 blue, green, yellow and brown diamonds 1,79 ct
348 blue and yellow sapphires 2,15ct

Ring "Elephant"

1 Diamond 0.52ct G/VS1
228 Diamond 0.88ct

Ring "Universe"

Gold 24K and Gold 14K
131 Diamonds
Opal 19x14 mm

Ring "Cazino"

Gold 18K
190 Ruby 1,4ct

Earrings "Cazino"

Gold 18K
285Diamonds 1,5ct blak
196Ruby 7ct

Necklace Lily

White and yellow gold 18K, enamel
127 Diamonds 1.95ct
3 Diamonds 0.22 ct yellow

Earrings "Lily" pendant

White gold 18K
180 Diamonds 1,5ct
2 Diamonds 0,07ct yellow

Ring "Lily"

White and yellow gold 18K , enamel
1Diamonds 0.16ct
58 Sapphire 1.2ct red

Pendant "Beetle"

Gold yellow 18K, Titanium
1 Opal
74Diamond 0,44ct 3/5

Earrings "Beetle"

Gold 18K, Titanium
2 Opal
62Diamonds 0,28ct 3/5

Necklace Titan

14K Yellow Gold
250 Diamonds 5ct

Ring "Camomiles"

Yellow gold 18K (750 samples)
285 Br Chr57 1.15 white syn blu
Weight 5 gr,
the size under the order

Ring "VVV"

Gold 18K
300 Diamonds 1,23 ct
150 Diamonds 0,61 ct

Ring "Flowers"

Gold 18K
213 Diamonds 0,85ct
72 Diamonds 0.3ct blue and red

Ring "Fiery heart"

Gold 18K
89 Diamonds 1,31ct
89 Diamonds 1,31ct red

Ring "The Triangle"

Gold 18K
360 Diamonds 1,92ct

Ring "Spring"

Earrings "Flowers"

Gold 18K
112 Diamonds 0,46ct
48 Diamonds 0,2ct

Earrings "Pattern"

Gold 18K
68 Diamonds 0,39 ct
90 Diamonds 0,55 green

Earrings "Embroidery"

Gold 18K
80 Diamonds 0,41 ct
68 Diamonds 0,33 ct

Ring "Tanzanit"

Gold 18K
1 Tanzanit 2.93ct
104 Diamonds 0.85ct

ring Universal

14 K White Gold
Faceted black Tahitian cultured Pearl 20.05ct
199 diamonds 2.7 ct

Ring of 2.5ct

White gold 18K (750 samples)
1BR Cr 57 1.3ct 6/5 104 Bp Cr57 0.85ct 3/5 A
Weight 4,37 gr
size 17,5

Ring Lava

18 k Yellow Gold

Ring "Garnets"

Gold 18K
102 Diamonds 0.85ct
18 Garnets 0.8ct

Ring "Titanium & Gold"

Yellow gold 14 K
Diamonds 1.4ct

Ring "Bouquet"

Gold 18K
70 Sap 2,25 ct
56 Rub 0,25 ct
21 Citrine 37.8ct
6 Amethyst 10,8 ct

Earrings "Bouquet"

Gold 18K
14 Sap 0,6ct
78 Ruby 0,35 ct
4 Amethyst 7,2 ct
10 Citrine 18 ct

Ring "Ocean"

18 K Gold Yellow
1 Sapphire 0,65ct
32 Sapphires 0.35ct

Earrings "Wings" large

White gold 18K , Titan
210 Diamonds 2.1ct
Weight 6,11 gr,
length 8,5cm

Earrings "Wings" small

White gold 18K, Titanium
172 Diamonds 1.48ct
length 7cm

Bracelet "The River of Life"

Titanium, 18K white and yellow gold
562 Diamonds 3.37ct

Ring "Ramon" yellow

White gold 18K , Titan
234 Diamonds 1,04 ct yellow

Ring Butterfly

White gold 18K , Titanium
179 Diamond 0.83ct 3/5
15Diamond 0.07ct Blue

Ring "Ramon" white

White gold 18K, Titanium
234 Br Cr 607 1.04ct

Ring "Runes"

Gold 24K (999.9 tests), Titan

Ring "Amelia"

White gold 18K , Titan
135 Diamonds 1,13ct

ring "Love"

Gold 24K incrustation

Ring "Cedr branch"

Yellow Gold 14K

Earrings Cedr Branch Big

Gold Yellow 14K

Necklace Cedr Branch

Gold Yellow 14K


White gold 18K
Diamond 1.3ct
104 Diamonds 0.85ct

Earrings "Butterfly"

White Gold 18K
Yellow Diamonds

Earrings "Lily" small

Yellow gold 18K
2 Diamonds 0.07ct yellow

Ring Butterfly gold

18 K Gold white

Scull Bracelet Men enamel

Sterling Silver
Skull bead size: 0.5 in
Bracelet length: 9-10 in
Bracelet weight: 80-100 grams

Scull Ring Men enamel

925 Sterling Silver, red hot enamel
Weigh 24 gramm
Ring face dimensions 34mm

Bracelet Skull Sterling Silver Big

925 Sterling Silver
Ring Face Dimensions 0.67 in

Ring Skull

925 Sterling Silver
Weigh 24 gramm
Ring Face Dimensions 34mm

Bracelet Skull Sterling Silver small

925 Sterling Silver
Ring Face Dimensions 0.5 in

Bracelet Skull Gold Plated small

925 Sterling Silver, Gold plated
Ring Face Dimensions 0.5 in

Ring Skull Gold

925 Sterling Silver, Gold plated
Weigh 24gramm
Ring Face Dimensions 34mm

Skull Bracelet Men Big

925 Sterling Silver, gold plated
Weigh 123 gramm
Face 0.67 in
Length 9 -10 in

Bracelet Skull

925 Sterling Silver, Gold plated
Ring Face Dimensions 0.67 in

Necklaces Skull

925 Sterling Silver, Gold Plated
Ring Face Dimensions 0,5 in

Key Chain Skull

925 Sterling Silver, Gold plated
Ring Face Dimensions 0,5 in and 0.67 in

Money clip

Skull Bracelet Big step by step

Sterling Silver 925
Plated Gold
Weigh 130 grams
Ring Face Dimensions 0.67in

Jewelry in combination with diamonds, 750 gold, which we offer in the jewelry market, today is one of very few in the country, except for the brought creations of the well-known jewelers of Asia and Europe who have advanced in this direction. Including, therefore, our products cause genuine and deserved interest both among industry professionals and buyers.