The jewelry brand E. Fedko based since 2015 , although we have "fallen in love" with jewelry art for a long time. The training of leading jewelers-designers not only in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, but also in Germany and Holland allowed us to achieve a decent level of quality of our products.

As it probably becomes clear from the brand name - our family creativity: Ekaterina's wife is an artist-designer, I am a master. We create in Sochi, we draw inspiration from our beautiful mountains, rivers and the sea. To start or not to start a business in the existing difficult conditions for us was not a question, because the taste, desire of our customers for the beauty and joy of owning wonderful jewelry have always been and will be.

In addition, titanium jewelry in combination with diamonds, 750 gold diamonds, which we offer in the jewelry market, today is one of the very few in the country, except for the imported creations of the well-known jewelers of Asia and Europe advanced in this direction. Including, therefore, our products cause genuine and deserved interest both among industry professionals and buyers.

Mass supply of such products on the market is not and can not be for many, including technological reasons. Creating products exclusively by hand, unique, we believe that our buyer is a connoisseur of exclusive, unique jewelry.