"Truly love your craft and never seize sharpening it." - says Evgenii Fedko.


Each piece of precious jewelry completed by the Studio has a soul along with vital energy of natural beauty, of flora and fauna. It showcases the enchanting spirit of colorful gems and precious stones as well as the natural beauty of semi-precious stones and the unique qualities of diamonds. The goal of artisan jewelry is to add color, intensity and passion into everyday life. These pieces from Fedko jewelry possess both glamor and the casual as well as feminine elegance, natural beauty and the delicate sophistication of truly fine details. Through these anyone can fulfill their earnest impressions, outmost desires and secret dreams. Ability to channel such emotions through jewelry make them even more precious.

Fine jewelry by Fedko Studio is a distinguished event of a unique emotional connection between the Humanity and Nature. For each of us it manifests differently. A wonderful way to presenting an inspiration to another person is by encapsulating it in a unique piece of crafted beauty that is passed from generation to generation.

In such way the bond between man and nature is strengthened and real family traditions are born.

The Fedko Studio mission is renaissance of emotions and inspiration caught in a moment.

The very possibility to capture it and share with the ones we love through fine jewelry.

Our pieces allow to perceive the union of humanity with nature bound in a beautiful harmony.